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Country Road

Music & Lyrics Written By Howard Axtell

Going down to a country road
I’m leaving this town cause around and around I spin
I never thought I’d ever be so lucky, to be singing this song again
I wouldn’t trade this love for money, or the places I have been

Now the stories I have told, they seem a little old
And I’m looking for a new place in the sun

Here lies a lovin’ man, who gives a helping hand
In his heart he knows, that it will all come back to him
As he pulls away the covers and opens his eyes, he sees that she is gone
She must have been one hell of a woman, for a man to sing this song

Now I’m callin’ and I’m falling… in all the things I have done
And through the clouded skies, comes a driving light
Bringing on a new day in the dawn

I’m going down to a country road, cause around and around I spin