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Music & Lyrics Written By Howard Axtell

I’ve been lookin’ high and low, as far as I can see
I hope she’s just a little, a little like you, Cause I could use the company

Baby I’ve been damaged once or twice, you can see it in my eyes
I’m not really into pain my love, I’m hoping that you realize
I’m telling you a story, yeah a gangster in love
An outlaw in heaven darlin’, when the day is done
You’re something special, something special, something to see

Well I was married for 15 years, I had a memory for life
But after 3 kids, she wrote me off and with it went my married life
Cause then there was little Lisa, she was talented as they come
But talent ain’t got nothin’ to do with love, when you ain’t the only one

I’m for the good time baby, it’s just begun for me
Cause when I find a woman that’s worth my time, I said
She’ll really be something to see

Something special, something special, something to see

I just want to know you, I’m coming down to blow your mind
Cause I just need to know you a little, I’m coming down just to blow your mind
You’re something special baby, something special, something to see!
Keep on talking, I like your car
Something special baby, something to see!