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Music & Lyrics Written By Howard Axtell

There’s a party happening in another place
I would go now but I gotta wait
There’s something strange going down round here
They declared the name of the game in the city a warzone
In Clairmont, California

From Ontario it’s too late for me to leave for home
All residents have started walkin’ in the streets
And then it rains and it pours, but the shower doesn’t even hit the ground
Wow, somethin’ strange goin down around here Oh yeah

In the eyes of the heat walkin’ down the street watchin’ you like neon signs
You can do this and you can think it like that in mind
But if you’re stopped one day just dead in the middle
It’s an airstrike in the city

What if you got stopped in a warzone for good?
It’s too beautiful to drop a dime in the city and the warzone
It’s too late for you, it’s too late for me
Ahh… Stopped dead in the middle

It’s good for nothin’,  good for nothin’, In the warzone, In the warzone
Baby, well it’s good for nothin’, in the warzone, uhuh yeah
I said it’s good for nothin’, in the middle, in the warzone
Dead in the middle, uhuh, yeah in the warzone
In the warzone, in the warzone uhuh
Baby in the warzone uhuh Claimont California
In the warzone